Q. I have had several quotes and they differ by quite a lot of money.
A. By using cheaper materials you are always going to get differing prices. Tiles differ in price according to quality.

We will carry out a full survey for the works you require and supply you with a specification of works to be carried out. You can then ask other contractors to price like for like off of the spec.

Our guarantees to you are that we will carry out the works to the highest standard possible. We will where possible show you alternatives to what you already have. We will use some of the best possible materials available to us. Using only Redland roof tiles unless specified, Velux roof windows and Anderson Mona flex high performance felts.

We are based in Pinner covering all surrounding areas including West Drayton, Uxbridge, Harrow, Ealing and central London although we also travel throughout the south and mid country.

We are able to carry out small repairs to complete re roofs to entire housing estates. We are fully compliant with all health and safety guidelines and are able to supply all relevant working method statements and any other site requirements. We are reliably supplied scaffolding by LTC scaffolding based in Harefield. Approved contactor list of three local boroughs and used regularly by large building firms.

Q. My flat roof is leaking can it be repaired.
A. Generally we would advise a flat roof to be replaced if it is leaking and over 10 years old.

Q. The main roof on my house is leaking does it need to be replaced.
A. If the problems are ongoing and the roof is pre-1940 then it may need replacing.

Q. It is only around twenty years old.
A. A full inspection is required as it may only be valleys or slipped tiles.

Q. Why do I need my fascia boards changed?
A. Your fascia boards are made of timber and if not properly maintained will rot and deteriorate. If they are not in good condition they will not be able to carry the guttering which under heavy rain can be heavy.

Q. Can I replace them in anything else?
A. Yes the fascia and soffit can be replaced in upve which now comes in different colours and effects.

Q. Do you do roof surveys
A. Yes we can do a full survey on your roof with or without photos.

Q. How long does it take to reroof my house.
A An average semi detached house will take around 5 days although the scaffold will be up for longer.

Q. Why does the contractor need to use scaffold it is very expensive.
A. If a roof replacement is carried out without a scaffold, not only is it dangerous for those working on the roof, it is also dangerous for anyone on the ground. It is also against health and safety guidelines. If an accident occurs it is the house owner’s ultimate responsibility and is punishable by law.

Q. Why should I check the contractors have public liability insurance?
A. If you allow an uninsured contractor to work on your house and they cause damage you will not be able to claim back the cost for the repair work done without going through a civil court which can be costly.

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